Boating activities during the year include long distance cruises to destinations such as the Bahamas. Local activities include poker runs, lunch cruises to St. Augustine and Daytona, the Blessing of the Fleet and the Holiday Boat Parade. Members not cruising themselves are able to drive to certain destinations or "crew" on one of the participating boats.


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Note: Bings Landing is closest to Palm Coast






 2018 Boating Schedule

1/22-25   Daytona Beach PC Mike Norris Event Captain 6 boats
TBA  TBA Fleet departs for New Smyrna Beach 7 boats
TBA  TBA Fleet In New Smyrna Beach
TBA  TBA Fleet returns from New Smyrna Beach
    Bob and Peggy Bescher Event Captains
TBA  TBA Bleessing of the Fleet
TBA after blessing Fleet departs for Marineland
TBA  TBA Fleet returns from Marineland
16-19   MTOA Rendezvous at Ft. Pierce
TBA  TBA Plus two days travel each way
TBA    either bfore or after FL West Coast PC Bill and Judy Sulser
    event Captains 3 to 4 Weeks
TBA  TBA  Fleet departs for Ortega Landing Steak Out
     via RON JAX, PCM
 TBA  TBA  Fleet returns home from Ortega landing
3  TBA  Fleet departs for St. Augustine  Location TBD
5  TBA  Fleet returns home from St. Augustine
TBA   Fleet to Conch House Marina
 TBA   Fleet to Fernandina Harbo Marina
October    Fleet to St Johns River Prox 3 weeks Bill Schwartz Event Capt.
November    A Southern Location Cocoa Village Marina
01 05:45P Annual Holiday Boat Parade, Ulises Event Captains
02 05:45P Rain Day for boat parade
TBA   Last Hurrah St. Augustine St. Austine Municiple Marina